Welcome to the Neighborhood

In addition to being a great place to locate your business, Leavenworth County has amenities that make it a great place to move your family, build your career and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle.


In a 2008 survey, the top three reasons given for living in Leavenworth county were:
1. Rural Atmosphere
2. Close to Work
3. Cost of Living


Kansas has the thirteenth lowest cost of living in the U.S. according to ACCRA, and our average wages are comparable to nearby Johnson and Wyandotte counties.


To read more about the latest industry, occupation and workforce trends in Leavenworth County, please click on the following link to the Economic & Workforce Update – July 2014.


Leavenworth County has a unique mix of urban and rural opportunities in collaboration with historic and new age development. The City of Leavenworth is the oldest incorporated communities in Kansas while the Cities of Basehor and Tonganoxie are ranked the fifth and sixth fastest growing communities in the state. The City of Lansing is a bedroom community to the City of Leavenworth, however the average household income ranks among the Top 10 in the state. Other more rural communities like Easton and Linwood are also seeing additional growth as the Kansas City metro continues to push its way West.


Leavenworth County is also home to Fort Leavenworth (home of the Combined Arms Center), which houses some of the Army’s best and brightest leadership for the United States Military. The base is home to nearly 4,000 residents with an additional 2,000 people traveling on post daily for employment opportunities.

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