Groundbreaking Ceremony held at new Leavenworth Business Park

City and county elected officials and staff, community leaders, business owners and others gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Leavenworth Business and Technology Park on Friday, December 16. The 81-acre park is a partnership of Leavenworth County and the city of Leavenworth. Each entity is investing $4.8 million for the shovel-ready/turn key industrial park located off Eisenhower Road. All improvements including water, sewer, electric power, gas, fiber-ready communications lines, street lights and 8-foot paved walking trails on both sides of the road in the park are a part of this project.


Mike Reilly, of JMK Partners, who sold the land to the city, hosted the groundbreaking.


“What an awesome day!” Reilly said. “This is a true public private partnership, a project that we are committed to being a shining example of the type of project that can be accomplished when everyone involved is doing it for the greater good of the community at large.”


Reilly added that 95% of the businesses involved with the site’s grading, engineering and surveying are located in Leavenworth County.


Leavenworth City Manager Paul Kramer said the project represents a commitment of about 20 percent of the City of Leavenworth’s share of the Countywide Sales Tax over the next 19 years.


“When the residents of Leavenworth County voted to renew the sales tax, we heard from them that economic development with an emphasis on good jobs was a top priority,” Kramer said. “We expect this state-of-the art Business and Technology Park to be one of the driving forces for job creation and economic development in the City and in the County for the next 20 years.”


The construction of this deal – using a private developer to create a turnkey business park – will allow the project to be ready faster and recruitment of businesses to start sooner than if one of the governmental entities had taken the lead.


“Using the Port Authority as the contractor with the private firm will enable the City of Leavenworth and Leavenworth County to turn this project around in about 12 months,” said Kramer. “The current industrial park is nearing capacity, and it’s critical that the City and the County have shovel-ready property to recruit businesses to our area.”


The Leavenworth County Development Corporation will be responsible for marketing the property to new businesses and targeted industries.