Getting the Job Done

There are several contributing factors to the diverse and skilled workforce available in Leavenworth County. The proximity to Kansas City metro area, great schools and universities, access to retired military and a strong work ethic are all factors of why our workforce is highly employable.


According to the Docking Institute at Fort Hays State University, the population of the Leavenworth County Labor Basin is estimated to be 371,650. The Civilian Labor Force is estimated to be 189,331. Of that number the Institute estimates that 83,723 individuals are considered to be part of the Available Labor Pool.


Click through the slides below for the latest Leavenworth County-specific employment figures, unemployment rate, leading job postings, demand occupations, and S.T.E.A.M. jobs.


To read more about the latest industry, occupation and workforce trends in Leavenworth County, please click on the following link to theĀ Economic & Workforce Update – July 2014.


Please click on theĀ Labor Basin report to view the regional labor availability analysis completed that shows the availability of workforce for Leavenworth County. The Labor Availability Analysis shows that Leavenworth County has a much higher percentage of educated workers than other similar communities.