Making it Easier to Make a Change
To learn more about available incentive programs you can visit:

Kansas Department of Commerce


Kansas City Area Development Council


If you are thinking about starting a business, LCDC can guide you through state and local regulatory requirements, and present all available state and local incentives. LCDC is also an invaluable, go-to resource for doing business, workforce recruitment, and accessing demographic and economic data.


Like Leavenworth County, the state of Kansas is aggressive when it comes to growing our community and economy. The Kansas Department of Commerce is the lead economic development agency in the state and offers a number of incentives and business assistance programs to reduce companies’ cost to develop their new business location.


Below is a list of major incentive programs offered by the Kansas Department of Commerce. To learn more about the programs Kansas Department of Commerce offers, you can visit


You can find additional resources and information at, the website of the Kansas City Area Development Council.


Kansas Department of Commerce Programs:

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)
– A new business incentive program that allows companies to retain payroll withholding taxes.


Kansas Economic Opportunity Initiatives Fun (KEOIF)
– Provides a 0% interest, forgivable loan to qualified companies.


Workforce Training Programs
– Direct financial assistance to train Kansas workforce


Sales Tax Exemption for Construction and Equipment
– Eliminates state and local sales taxes on project purchases.


Sales Tax Exemptions via State Statute
– Eliminates state and local sales tax on labor services for original construction and items used in production.


Inventory Tax Exemption
– Exempts property tax on inventory.


Real and Personal Property Tax Abatement/ Exemption
– Property tax savings on real and personal property.


Kansas Corporate Income tax Credits
– Reduces a company’s Kansas income tax liability.


Kansas Enterprise Zone Program
– Offers both job and investment tax credits which can offset the company’s corporate tax liability.


High Performance Incentive Program
– Offers a 10% tax credit on qualified net, new capital investment for a project.