Who We Are and What We Do

Leavenworth County Development Corporation (LCDC) is a 501(c)(6) public private organization whose primary mission is to facilitate the creation and retention of jobs and capital investment in Leavenworth County. The organization was originally established in 1981 by a group of visionary business leaders who understood the importance of diversifying the local tax base and having an agency in place that could assist in the development of stronger economic opportunities. LCDC has 3 full time employees and are governed by a board of directors. Much of the direction for the organization is provided by its strong volunteer base and outstanding governmental/community leadership.


LCDC’s Board of Directors


Leavenworth County Port Authority (LCPA) is a quasi-governmental agency whose primary mission is to assist in the development of economic opportunities via the planning, construction and marketing of industrial property/facilities in Leavenworth County. LCPA was originally established under state statute in 1969. Its original focus was to provide guidance and direction for the development of the port area along the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. As economic development moved away from barge/rail importance, the organization adapted itself to serve additional economic development needs of the community. LCPA has a board of five members who are appointed jointly by the Board of County Commissioners and the Leavenworth City Commission and serve four year terms. The LCPA is staffed by the Leavenworth County Development Corporation (LCDC).


LCPA’s Board of Directors


Together these organizations work side-by-side to provide a seamless economic development portfolio to those interested in doing business in Leavenworth County.